A Cake Shaped like a Catfish!

A Cake Shaped like a Catfish!

America is living in a golden era of cake decoration: shows about amazing cakes like Cake Boss flood the airwaves and the internet is in love with websites featuring “cakewrecks” hilariously ill –conceived &/or botched pastries.  Even so, I am still surprised at the lengths some people will go to in order to celebrate their favorite activities in cake form.  Today’s post features a list of photos of astonishing catfish cakes.   Check out these amazing sugar fins and icing whiskers!

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I am guessing that these cakes are for anglers and are not designed for ichthyologists studying the amazing diversity and complexity of siluriforms around the world, but who knows?  At the very least these amazing desserts demonstrate how obsessed people still are with catfishes.