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Earth Spirit

Earth Spirit (Wayne Ferrebee, 2016, color pencil and ink)

Here are some more little sketches from my little moleskine sketchbook.  The first one is probably my favorite–it shows an angry Tibetan protective spirit surging up from the fecund Earth.  Various actinomycetes and spores dance within the rainbow between his hands.  The worms, slime mold, and fungi cavort on the ground he springs from.


Art (Wayne Ferrebee, 2016, color pencil and ink)


Industry (Wayne Ferrebee, 2016, color pencil and ink)

Art and Industry are self explanatory–though I wish I had drawn “Art” more beautifully and I wish i had worked harder on “Industry” (particularly that unhappy pig).


NJ Freeway (Wayne Ferrebee, 2016, color pencil and ink)

This is a quick pencil sketch of the freeway in New Jersey which leads to the Lincoln Tunnel.  I went out to visit friends in Montclair and had a million problems with the buses.  On the way back, I was sitting right behind the driver and looking out the huge picture window he looks through. I could see a whole constellation of cars rushing along ahead of us into the city.  I wish this sketch gave a full impression of the scene–but there are a lot of things going on on New Jersey’s highways and they happen pretty fast.

space blob

Characters in Space (Wayne Ferrebee, 2016, color pencil and ink)

This is a study for a giant Sumerian space flounder I am drawing in my studio. There is not enough space art, so I am trying to draw more in 2016 (more space art and more in general).  Ironically I like the simplified flounder the least of all in this picture, but the simplified mammalian dolphin is ok.  As always, thanks for looking and let me know what you think!




Sunset in Brooklyn (Wayne Ferrebee, 2015, colored pencil and ink)

This past Sunday afternoon, I decided to get a haircut: it had been a while and my hair was getting all shaggy and seventies-looking.  Unfortunately I forgot it was Sunday afternoon.  All the local barber shops were closed. So I got on bicycle and cycled south deeper and deeper into Brooklyn until I came to a huge Jewish neighborhood in the middle of Midwood.  There were barbershops everywhere, but most of them were catering to groups of brothers from large Orthodox families.  Finally I found a shop that didn’t have a dozen kids in line before me and I sat down to get a haircut.  The barber swiftly and professionally gave me a short conservative haircut–but big families of little boys started pouring into the shop as soon as he began.  When I asked him how much he counted me and seemed surprised there was only one of me and that I am a grownup (more-or-less). It was a good cheap fast haircut and I am pleased by my choice!

Anyway, when I walked out of the shop it was sunset—and it was one of the prettiest sunsets I have ever seen.  The entire sky was glowing the bright golden yellow of a toucan’s beak.  Then illegible alien letters made of fire appeared near the horizon before the whole sky blew up into inflorescent pink cotton candy with glowing orange and purple streamers!  It was amazingly beautiful.  Fortunately I had my little sketchbook and a tin of fluorescent pencils! I swiftly drew the picture at the top, but it obviously doesn’t do justice to Brooklyn or to the exquisite sunset!

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