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Happy April Fool’s Day…and happy birthday to this blog too! We started 11 years ago, back at the apex of the bloggiferous era when everyone was blogging, and now Ferrebeekeeper might be the last blog on the internet… Gosh, where does the time go?

But we are not here for fatuous pranks or for wistful digital anniversaries: spring has sprung and even if it is 31 degrees (-.5°C) out there tonight, the garden season has also begun. I actually really like the very first act of the gardening year when all that is blooming are crocuses, hellebores, and pansies. Even if the March flowers are not perfect (although the three that I just mentioned are lovely), winter’s austerity makes the first greenery truly precious.

Also, there is an aspect to early spring gardens which is interestingly inchoate. The mud and empty flower pots remind me of a painter’s studio, or a rehearsal stage with no props and with the actors all wearing tennis shoes and mufti. Even if there are scant flowers, there is thrilling potential!

All of which is an excuse to put up pictures of my bare-bones garden before the exciting part has happened. I also find it interesting to see the commonalities between my extensive collection of cheap plastic pots (most of which came from strange dollar stores on Flatbush). Finally, even if the bare earth and empty planters don’t cause a seed in your heart to germinate, all of those green buds and tiny sprouts in the background are tulips, daffodils, and other fulsome blossoms. We will be revisiting them in Act II when the cherry tree blooms and the garden is ravishing!

Happy April! Get up and look alive!


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