I wanted to post a follow-up picture from that last post of the full Christmas tree with my elderly housecat Sepia under it (and one of Grandpa’s wayang dolls hanging by the side). No matter how I photograph this tree the picture never looks right (and, of course, my photos are filled with tool boxes and chaotic art supplies which are everywhere when your studio is your house), but at least you get to see Sepia Cat emerging from her big puffy cat bed to look at the tree of life!

Also, below is a picture which is important to my big 2020 wrap up post (a special treat coming later this week). I drew a pandemic journal this summer as I sat in my walled garden and rode my bike around the strange plague-addled New York City, however it hasn’t quite been ready to post on the blog until just now. I will show you what I mean later this week (and also my digital flounder oracle is nearly ready for a relaunch). So many holiday treats! Enjoy the season and thanks again for reading and commenting!

The Pandemic Journal, middle panel (Wayne Ferrebee, 2020) India ink on paper