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or reasons beyond my fathoming, my internet connection at home is not working properly. Until I get Optimum to come out and fix it at some time I am not at the office, I will have to type with my thumbs…so I will keep this post pithy and petite!

I just attended the opening night for the EFA studios in Midtown Manhattan to check out what my artistic colleagues are up to (and, of course, to see if there was any fodder for Ferrebeekeeper). There were many fine works (I especially liked the dark schematic paintings of Akira Ikezoe which looked like Rube Goldberg in Neraka) but perhaps the finest works of craft were also the most relevant to this blog.

The magnificent Renaissance pigeon portraits at the top and the bottom of this post were painted by Amy Hill. Hill paints directly from the works of Northern European Renaissance masters to create works with the style of Memling, Archimbaldo, Van Eyck, and Cranach. She combines this finery with quotidian elements and images from contemporary society or nature: in these cases., pigeons. Although I love the refined lordly raiment of these birds (and Ms. Hill said she worked forever on that filigree ruff and it still haunts her dreams) I think the finest aspects of these strange portraits are the beaks and eyes. There is something crazy and moving about the wild eye of that top pigeon. More importantly though the bill of the bottom bird is beautifully organic and sensitive. It looks like a hand–a tool which is simultaneously nimble & strong as well as sensitive yet adroit..which I suppose is exactly what pigeon beaks are to their owners.

Thanks again to Amy Hill for letting me photograph her lovely works. I hope she has a very successful show!

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