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Living Willow Structure by Bonnie Gale

Living Willow Structure by Bonnie Gale

I have been looking forward to spring!  So far however the only signs that it is on its way have been some little crocus buds which the squirrels ripped apart.  To remedy this, I have been trying to put up some aspirational gardening posts.  Yet, looking back at yesterday’s post about a ragged poisonous flower, I wonder if I have succeeded.  Therefore, here is a post about a beautiful living garden structure which was created by Bonnie Gale, a garden designer and inventor/innovator who builds unique garden rooms for the great masters of New York.

Living Willow Outdoor Structure

Living Willow Outdoor Structure

When I was a child, I read fantasy novels which featured all sorts of elves and nature spirits.  This structure is made of living willow branches, and very much reminds me of the magical otherworldly feeling evoked by such imaginary nature sprites.  Bundles of living willows are carefully planted in proximity to each other and then methodically trained to entwine together into a single structure—a literal living room.

Living-Willo-Outdoor-Structure-2 Living-Willo-Outdoor-Structure-3

These astonishing live pergolas and arbors are amazing, but they look like they not only require sunlight, space, and meticulous building skills, but also prodigious amounts of time and patience.  A mere green thumb would not be enough to craft such a delightful folly: one would have to have green hands.  I have always thought I was more gifted at gardening than other people (at least I get out there and try), but after years my irises still haven’t bloomed!  I don’t anticipate building any living willow rooms of exquisite delight.


Yet I am thankful to Ms. Gale for creating such things and I look forward to seeing more of her structures in the future!  Additionally, maybe someday the bioengineers will get better at their craft and we can all have extra growing rooms to enjoy.  Right now though I would settle for a single blossom…



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