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Today is Valentine’s Day!  Happy valentines to all my readers. You all really are the best and, although I don’t want to make any syrupy declarations of love, I truly do esteem you. I would bake you all a big heart-shaped cherry cake if such a thing were possible (ed’s note: logistical studies determined that baking a large delicious cake was indeed possible, but fulfillment—getting the cake to the esteemed blog readers—was far beyond the author’s shaky grasp of organization].


Having said all of that, I am not the world’s biggest Valentine’s Day fan.  I dislike the slushy gray month of February when winter has long outstayed its welcome (but when spring remains far away).  Corporate forces pop into one’s love life (or absence thereof) to remind everyone to buy pink plastic junk and churn out some more consumers.  I can’t help but feel that they are being insincere and perhaps a bit greedy.

Or maybe they are trying to sell to people trapped in offices instead of lovers...

Or maybe they are trying to sell to people trapped in offices instead of lovers…

I was going to write about the color pink and how it became thoroughly conflated with romance and with the holiday.  Unfortunately, looking up “pink romantic history” on the web resulted in me finding out lots about the private life of popular musician Pink, but little about how pink came to dominate romance, women’s products, girl’s toys, and the month of February.

At least she found a supportive partner...

At least she found a supportive partner…

Probably any intelligent adult can surmise the fundamental reasons that the color pink and the physical aspects of romance are linked.  Irrespective, I really like the color pink a great deal—it is the color of sessile invertebrates, roses, animal’s noses, the sunset, and I find it frustrating that marketers overuse it because of gender stereotypes and lack of imagination.

There are too many chalky candies and not enough flamingos

There are too many chalky candies and not enough flamingos

Anyway, I’m rambling.  I guess the point was that, like most single people in America, I am frustrated by Valentine’s Day.  Maybe that is my fault instead of the fault of Hallmark.  I should learn to appreciate what I have—like my wonderful readers.  Happy Valentine’s Day!  You all really are the best!  Even if I didn’t bake a cake for you, come back on Monday and I’ll write a really good post!  Also, as a final note, there is one good thing about Valentine’s Day—it means the winter is finally coming to its last stages.  And  who knows, maybe next year, despite all of the failures, we’ll finally get romance right…

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