I work at Rockefeller Center and last night was the big Christmas tree lighting ceremony.  This happens every year and it makes the entire area into a complete circus.  There are teams of dancing Santas, groups of yetis, elves, and snipers.  The police put up barricades everywhere and entertainment types shine dazzling spotlights into all of the windows.  Worst of all, celebrities are everywhere so you could easily get roughed up by Mariah Carrey’s bodyguards or shunted to the side for Kenny Chesney’s posse.

Beware: Celebrity

To cut through the Christmas treacle a bit I am therefore presenting my own light show: a mini gallery of gothic chandeliers.  I realize that this would have worked during the Halloween season, but, unfortunately I didn’t think of it then. Additionally the aesthetic spirit of gothic artifice is appropriate any time of year.  Enjoy the dark illumination!