As discussed on the 4th of July post, the national animal/symbol of the United States was nearly a rattlesnake.  Perhaps it is well that the eagle prevailed: to the Judeo-Christian mindset snakes are taboo creatures identified with wickedness and the devil (or perhaps I should say that the other way around–since the tempter in Genesis is identified as a serpent and the devil does not appear until much later).    However not everyone reviles serpents and certain bold organizations (from the medical profession, to racecar makers, to flute-rest manufacturers) have used the limbless animals to represent their organizations.  Here is a gallery of symbols, logos, mascots, and crests which make use of snakes. I have thrown in some fictional archvillain organizations for fun–it will be up to you to separate them from the real institutions.

The controversial unofficial flag of Martinique, a colonial trade ensign which uses the Bourbon family's quartered blue standard with four fer-de-lance vipers

The logo of Adder Company, a high-tech connectivity company

The Coker College Cobra

The Coat of Arms of the Municipality of Bellinzona

The Dodge Viper Logo--which becomes Daffy Duck when turned upside down.

The new Dodge Viper Logo (which overcorrects the old one by looking like it is from an 80's cartoon)

The Logo of COBRA Command, arch nemesis to G.I. Joe

The Logo of King Cobra Fine Malt Liquor (available in 40 ounce bottles)

The Logo of Cobra Flute Support

The Florida A&M Rattlers

The Slytherin Coat of Arms

Copperhead Bullets

The Coat of Arms of Alsomocsolad

The Logo of Shelby Motors

The Logo of Ribotto Productions

The Gallagher Family Crest

The Caduceus: Ancient Symbol of the Medical Profession

The Twin Snake Standard of Thulsa Doom's Snake Cult (along with a regional staff member)

Mamba Offroad Alloys

The Logo of Alfa Romeo Motors

The Logo of the Arizona Diamondbacks

I particularly like the old fashioned crests (including Alfa Romeo’s corporate logo which looks like it once belonged to an evil viscount), however I would like to issue demerits to the Arizona Diamondbacks for not actually having a snake for their logo. Even more egregious, the diamondbacks employ a bobcat themed furry as their mascot when they could easily choose a mascot outfit like one of these unconventional snake suits.

Misc. Snake Mascot

Jake the Snake Mascot