Fennec Foxes (Vulpes zerda)

The world’s smallest fox lives in the world’s largest desert, the Sahara.  The adorable fennec fox (Vulpes zerda) is actually the world’s smallest canid of any sort: they are the tiniest members of the dog family weighing in at only 1.5–3.5 lb.  Nocturnal omnivores, fennec foxes use their huge ears to listen for prey–and for predators such as the fearsome eagle owl. Additionally, since the foxes’ ears are filled with blood vessels, they provide a convenient way of cooling off in the oppressive daytime heat. Tiny pads on the foxes’ feet protect their delicate paws from hot sand and sharp rocks while muffling the noise of their movement.  They dig substantial burrows and are renowned among people of the Sahara for their cunning and cleverness.

Snuggling a fennec fox kit

The fennec fox is the one of two species of fox which can live with people as a domestic pet (the other pet fox is the domesticated silver fox, which is the end product of 60 years of crazy Soviet experimentation).  Hopefully their adorable little countenances will help you get through this extremely l…o…n…g week after the holidays.

A young fennec at a zoo (or possibly being arrested for cuteness)