The ninth-largest body known to orbit the Sun is the dwarf planet, Eris.  Here’s a picture taken by the mighty Hubble telescope (you can also see Eris’ dwarf moon, Dysnomia):

Eris is 27% more massive than Pluto and it lies out beyond the frozen Kuiper belt, three times farther from the sun than Pluto.  With the exception of a few oddball comets, Eris is the most remote item in the known solar system.

Eris, the dwarf planet, is of course named for the goddess of discord, who delights in sowing enmity and strife.  Her most famous appearance in classical mythology was when she started the Trojan War after she was not invited to Thetis’ celebrity wedding.  Andreas Kluth wrote a charming post on his blog which tells the whole myth and discusses how political conversation in America is becoming uselessly eristic.

Of course one need not be a sea goddess, a sophist, or a Fox news pundit to summon Eris.  It’s all too easy to bury love and friendship under a landslide of strife by simply blurting out something stupid and hurtful.  Then you might as well be on Eris.

"Enjoy your perfect apple in the grim darkness of space!"